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"I am convinced that there is no other way to achieve our goals and dreams if it is not through constant and disciplined work, which will transform in results once we are really ready to receive it¨.

     Samuel Garnica is a Venezuelan actor, singer, and voice over artist. He holds degree in Social Communication with a specialization in  Audiovisual Arts from the prestigious ¨Universidad Católica Andrés Bello¨(Andres Bello Catholic University).

         While gaining a strong foundation in theatrical arts with his studies, Samuel joined "Teatro UCAB", the theater group of his university. Through which, he performed in important projects as "Much ado, About Nothing" (Benedicto de Padua), "The good soul of Szechuan" (Sun) and "Christmas Song" (Fred), Among others. Also, he worked in several musicals as "Cabaret" (MC) and "Sweeney Todd" (Adolf Pirelli)." 


         Later, he continued his training as an actor through workshops and conferences with many notable Venezuelan acting teachers and tutors. During his permanence in university, Samuel joined The Medatia Foundation, which Samuel  reached young people and adults from communities of low socio-economic status.

       As a singer, he began his musical studies at the age of 5. After high school, he decided to take opportunity into his own hands and form the musical group Mukaii, where he stood out not only as a leading voice but also as composer of many of the group’s songs.

     As a voice over artist, Samuel has lent his voice to renowned brands such as Pepsi, Blackberry, Wendy´s, Polar, Maltin, Cines Unidos and more. Meanwhile, he worked as a host and producer in his own radio show named ¨Taima¨ through in the Venezuelan radio station La Cima 96.7FM.

           In October 2014, he moved to New York to further develop and refine his artistic skills andexpand opportunity to reach his artistic goals and dreams. Soon after, he made his Off- Broadway debut in the play "The Laurel of Apollo" with the Repertorio Español and many projects soon followed. He has performed for young audiences in the musicals "Martina: The Little Cockroach" "The Dropouts" and ¨My superheroe Roberto Clemente¨ for Teatro SEA.


          Other NYC credits "Foreign Exchange III", "Bethlehem", "Fuego en Granada", "Clandestino", and "Así Que Pasen 5 Años", for which he won the ATI award as Best Supporting Actor. Recently, He finished a serie of workshops at the Stella Adler Studio and currently is still working in his acting formation with the film and TV actor Paul Calderon.

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